It all started with a passion for car photography/video. We split a camera because we couldn’t afford it on our own. Then as we got better and ventured out to other genres we knew that this could be powerful. What we do is tell a story, preserve a moment forever, and evoke emotion.

This all really started as a hobby but soon grew into a burning passion. It really is something therapeutic that has helped us grow as individuals. Not only have we been able to impact others lives but our own as well.

Through this avenue, we have been able to meet so many people from around the world who have turned into life long friends. It really isn’t so much about the photo as it is about the journey to get the end goal. It’s about creating lasting memories, making people see their true beauty, and telling a story through visuals

I wouldn’t say we have an editing style but rather a style of capturing the moment. It’s working with clients to really get down to the core of who they are to put that into what we capture for them. It’s not just a nice product but more of how did you feel when you see it? 


If you’ve already perused our website, you probably noticed that we do a wide range of things from events, portraits, modeling and much more. The reason being that each of these different genres allows us to capture a different moment in life. 

Our personal projects allow us to express and expand our creativity. Not only is it a creative outlet, but also an opportunity to speak to viewers through visual content we create for small businesses, to show casing other creatives. On occasions we’ve also voluntarily created content for non-profit organizations such as Make a Wish.

We’re honored to have worked with a vast amount of locally owned businesses in Hawaii such as Ny’Ala Skin Care, Storybook Hawaii, Pineapple Palaka, the Public Pet and many more.

 What we take pride in is establishing a relationship with clients prior to getting into the business details; getting to know them as an individual learning what wants and needs are to be fulfilled whether they’re for business, first birthdays, weddings, graduations, etc.  As a media team it is our duty to save these moments forever.